Sometimes, it feels like events such as The Bluecoat’s ‘If Only..!’ exist as an excuse for the same diehard crowd to support and encourage new talent – but, really, who’s fault is that? Everyone’s invited, you know. So, this week, why not give it a go. You might discover your new favourite creatives. Whatever, it certainly beats the crap that’s showing at the ODEON this week.

If Only..! aims to offer a ‘never the same taste twice’ kind of evening: with local and touring musicians, performing artists, film makers and artists loosely curating an event which may or may not hang together under a theme, but, as they say in financial ads: past performances are no indication of what might happen in the future.

And for that, at least, we should look forward to this month’s extravaganza. If only because the likelihood of audience members being encouraged to cut off their own pubes, before attaching them to a piece of cellotape and wearing them as a moustache isn’t likely to happen two months in a row.

If Only..!
Thurdsay 2nd September, 7.30 (Free)
The Bluecoat, School Lane

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