Apparently this is the fourth time a water main has ruptured at this spot, on Liverpool Road in Huyton.

We were first alerted to the fact that something was amiss with South Liverpool’s water when we noticed that we appeared to be showering in weak tea – or something rather more unpleasant if you’re imagination allows.

Happily it did allow for some local residents to enjoy watching an 80-foot geyser of water shooting into the air above their houses.

Unhappily several people had to be rescued by boat a couple of hours later when the resulting flow of water flooded the area.

United Utilities say that sediment may cause discolouration to water supplies in the meantime, which may put your mind at rest.

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  1. Helen J

    I am sure that the local people, apart from a few children, did NOT find this an enjoyable experience to see an ’80-foot geyser of water shooting into the air above their houses’. Think yourselves in ‘South Liverpool’ extremely lucky that all you have is discoloured shower water (how smug)….. I know several people in that area whose lives are in chaos for the next few months as a result.

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