Humans of Liverpool City is only just over a month old, but already it’s accumulated a rather large following online. And for good reason: it’s brilliant. Walking the streets of the city, photographer ‘Jack’ (no surname – we love the anonymity) hunts down locals to take portraits of. But this isn’t a spot-the-weirdo hunt at all, unlike many similar projects – these are real people, with real stories and real pieces of wisdom to impart. Inspired by the incredibly popular Humans of New York project, this version casts an eye on people much closer to home. Strangers on streets we all walk on. Of course it’s not the most original idea ever, but this version is executed damn well.


It’s testament to Jack’s talent that he can eke out the most personal of stories in such a short time frame with a subject. The loss of a child, painful divorces, stints in jail. Or maybe it’s just our Liverpudlian sense of brutal openness? Either way, it’s an honest and warming glimpse at the people who make the city what it is – not the models, politicians or ligging scenesters. Even a Certain Local Newspaper loves the idea, so much so that – surprise! – it’s launched its own not-as-good version, much to the bemusement of the project’s dedicated fans.

Humans of Liverpool City is still in its infancy, but already it’s collected a handful of striking, emotionally charged portraits of locals, and people who now call Liverpool home. We’re excited to see where it’s heading.

Humans of Liverpool City

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