If, like us, you spend your days hunched over a hot laptop with little more than Radcliffe and Maconie for company, a day or two in a co-working space might give you the spark of inspiration you’re seeking.

The Baltic Triangle’s Basecamp is an animated space where cross-pollination of ideas comes as standard, Tithebarn Street’s Launch 22 (above) provides full service incubation – and mentoring, should you seek it – to start ups in any field, Igloo is a wonderful new space set up by Snow Architects’ Dave Cornett – “We set it up so that small companies can work together under one roof and enjoy all the advantages that larger companies have,” he says, reeling off good wifi, meeting rooms, collaboration and contacts sharing for starters. The Cotton Exchange offers funky modern spaces for digital and creative types in the heart of the Commercial District, Rumford Place’s Keyhub offers more of the same, and the indomitable DoES Liverpool isn’t just for makers – they welcome anyone who fancies huddling together for warmth, and motivation in this most sluggish of seasons.

3 Responses to “Huddle Formation: Try a Little Co-Working This Season”

  1. JT Wirral

    I visited Launch22 this week to meet with Rise UP. I was blown away by the space and facilities. I have a perfectly good desk in my organisation, but I want to work here instead! It’s what I imagine it must be like to work at Google or Microsoft.

  2. Jennie Godsell

    Been at Launch 22 for 4 months now and we’ve recently doubled our staff. The team at Launch 22 couldn’t be more accommodating and the facilities are perfect for a growing businesses. We Love the ping pong table !! And the roof garden !! If you need work space – take a look here, you’ll just love it.

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