After yesterday’s news, Grosvenor has today reached an agreement with Stocktons to allow them re-open their Hanover Street store, which was closed yesterday when Retail Living ceased trading. Stocktons, formerly a concession within Home Quarter, re-opened their store earlier today under a direct agreement with Grosvenor.

Commenting on the news, Kit Stockton, Managing Director of Stocktons, said: “We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Grosvenor that allowed our store to re-open with immediate effect. That we are trading again within 24 hours is a testament to the support shown by Grosvenor. It is also a great relief to our staff and customers.

“Our store at Liverpool ONE has consistently performed above our expectations, and we are now in discussions with Grosvenor to agree a permanent solution on Hanover Street.”

In addition to re-opening Stocktons in their existing store, Grosvenor is currently investigating the practical framework of whether some or all of the remaining concessions can re-open in the other former Retail Living store on Hanover Street.

The bailiffs came and changed the locks on Home Quarter yesterday.

A statement by Grosvenor said Liverpool ONE’s third-biggest store had closed with immediate effect. It said: “The decision was taken by Retail Living following a strategic review of its business.

“Grosvenor is already in discussions with a number of potential retailers to take the store, and this includes existing concessions who have expressed an interest in continuing to trade.

“Retail Living is working with Academy One, Liverpool ONE’s on-site recruitment and training facility, to assist staff affected to find new employment in Liverpool One or elsewhere in the city.”

Let’s hope something fills the space soon – but at five floors, that’s a big ask. Still, we should be grateful for one thing: Tesco wouldn’t move in, opposite itself, would it?

Meanwhile, traders have been told that the planned Key’s Court redevelopment has been put on hold, apparently for planning committee reasons.

“The redevelopment has strong support from retailers and customers alike. As with any project of this nature, however, there is a clearly defined planning procedure that we are following,” says Liverpool ONE

“Whilst we have served notice on the current tenants, a necessary step in undertaking the works, we are currently in talks with each of the retailers to offer them an alternative space within Liverpool ONE,” they say.

Looks like they’ve found plenty.

11 Responses to “Home Quarter Closes: Stockton’s Re-opens”

  1. The one thing I can remember that stands out from this shop is the slogan they had in big letters on the window – “People who say money can’t buy happiness, simply don’t know where to shop!” – really? hardly the most appropriate slogan for these times, almost a kick in the face for the average joe walking past….

    2005 maybe. Not now. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong type of shop.

  2. green

    I don’t get this story – if Home Quarter has closed, Bo Concept has – it is one of the 20 retailers in the Home Quarter. Let’s have a bit more factual detail.

    The bailiffs could have at least let them have a decent sale….

  3. Vicky

    So, that big massive shop filled with furniture that was not only hideous, but ridiculously overpriced, has closed down? Is this a surprise to anyone?

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