Described by leading Llama Sean O’Hagan as a spring album, the band’s latest release can certainly be seen as such, both in a literal (being as it is, y’know, spring time) and a broader sense – soaked with warm, pleasing harmonies.

Talahomi Way feels in perfect synch with the early good weather, as if fate had conspired for once to do the band a favour.

It hasn’t always been this way for a band entering their third decade, but with reviews of the record suggesting a return to their heady 90’s days of perfectly crafted pop (albeit with a greater acousticemphasis), camp Llama must surely be in a particularly buoyant mood.

Boasting a sound referencing the old while simultaneously forging new, idiosyncratic paths, The Llamas embark on the northern leg of a UK tour with renewed vigour; it’s our fortune that those fates are at play again this weekend, delivering them to the suitably warm and woolly surrounds of The Williamson Tunnels.

High Llamas, 14 May
Williamson Tunnels

Doors 8PM/Tickets £14, available from Ticketline and Probe Records

Mike Pinnington

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