Here’s what we tweeted last week: “Can’t we just avoid all this new faff with electing a Mayor and just get Herbert to do it?”

The faff we’re talking about, of course, is the race for the first ever elected mayor of Liverpool. Joe Anderson’s in the running, ex-BBC Merseyside man Liam Fogarty’s throwing his hat in the ring, and hilariously (and we swear we didn’t know about this beforehand), Herbert’s actually putting his name forward. He’ll run as an independent candidate.

“I am not politically motivated at all but I have got over 50 years experience in business and Liverpool is the most important thing in my life” Herbert told the Echo.

He’s also promised that he wouldn’t take a salary for it, unlike the other candidates.

Regardless of what you think of him, Herbert Howe’s a city institution, and does more for charity and the community than most people seem to realise. Though he may preen and pamper the city’s tits ‘n’ teeth brigade, he continues to offer discounts and freebies for his OAP regulars and holds an annual charity bash for the city’s kids. He’s someone that genuinely seems to appeal to both old and young.

Whether that would make a good mayor or not remains to be seen – he insists he’s got no political inclinations, and hasn’t voted for 20 years. But for the sheer ridiculousness of it, and to see smug faces like Anderson and Bradley outvoted by a flamboyant hairdresser, would be all kinds of brilliant.

The mayoral elections kick off in May, pending a vote next week.

  • Mrs_Ordinary

    @7streets Excellent!

  • indigo_goat

    @7streets funny. Man of the people and no agenda? Pah

  • jacobs_ladder71

    Mayor Herbert. Mayorbert.

  • markmcnulty

    @7streets That chain was made for him!

  • 7streets

    @markmcnulty ha!

  • Finny23

    @speedina @7streets Honestly the best news I’ve heard all day. Think of the street parties. He could turn the Bling b’ding into Town Hall.

  • Doc_Daneeka

    Hmm not sure if the King of the Ompaloompas would be a welcome addition to liverpools already laughable political class !
    Mind you if the Desperate Scousewives cast are going to be free he could employ them as his loyal orange lieutenants to enforce his dictats!

  • Holly Golightly

    You better be joking.

  • Nina NookandWillow Halliwell

    oh dear…. heated rollers for everyone then!!

  • Holly Golightly

    Can’t you ask Peter Sissons to do it?

  • David Stephen Michael

    He gave one hell of a speech on radio merseyside this morning.

  • Darren J Lee

    Oh aye ! Suppose Pete Price for Lady Mayoress !!!

  • Ben Green

    I love this town

  • Julie Jones

    My vote would go to Ricky Tomlinson if he ran for mayor!

  • Pat Oneill

    Even though I chuckled to meself when I first heard, I heard him on the radio too, and he was quite convincing, You never know, He mentioned Phil Redmond might be up for it too.

  • Darren J Lee

    Here here Julie Jones!

  • Laura-Jane Hall

    This has been going on for years………

  • Laura Pilgrim


  • Tom Brookes


  • Lee Bennett


  • Kevin Donovan

    Anderson for Hair?

  • Sevenstreets

    I’d be astonished if Phil Redmond doesn’t go for it (RB)

  • Laura-Jane Hall

    Herbert, Pete Price, Frank McKenna…..

  • Sevenstreets

    oh, ok. I’ll go for it then. (d)

  • Sevenstreets

    If anyone else says Frank McKenna we close the site down. Deal? (d)

  • Sevenstreets

    We close down the site and leave Liverpool forever (RB)

  • Diane Jansen

    it’s a wonder Cilla Black hasn’t applied!!!!

  • Marie McGowan

    Room for me in the lifeboat?

  • ToniMorganOsagie

    HERBS stick to what ur good at pls . Think i may run for mayor myself LoL

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