Leftie Bold Street bookshop News From Nowhere needs money to repair its in-shop lift and is staging a benefit gig at the Black-E to help pay for it.

Not something we thought we’d ever write, but we’re big fans of News From Nowhere (not to mention lifts) and can certainly get behind a night of music from Tramp Attack, Lovecraft, The Splintered Ukes, Hope Street Harmonies and Babadub.

There’s vegan food (naturally), ‘family time with games and dancing’ and booze between 6pm and 2am – so that’s us covered. And all for seven quid door tax.

The shop’s lift has become unusable and is in danger of preventing the building from being accessible to people with disabilities.

As if that weren’t reason enough to pop along, the night is called Shop-Lifting – we love a good pun – and has an ace flyer featuring a cat repairing a lift.


The Black-E
6-8 (families), 8-2 (gr’ups), Saturday 3 December
£7 (£5)

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