hed kandiWho knew? Hed Kandi’s not just a never-ending procession of blissful/bland (delete as you see fit) Balearic beats, but it’s also a shop. Well, it is now. Following a successful launch in the massive M25 shopping mall, Bluewater, the music and fashion brand has selected us as their next step into retail domination.

Opening next month, the 4,000 square foot flagship store will be on lower South John Street, jostling for space amid the rest of the big name fashion chains.

Hed Kandi launched as a record label in 1999 and the brand now combines CDs with club events, a fashion line and accessories. If it was a bar it’d be Alma de Cuba.

The addition of Hed Kandi now leaves South John Street fully let with the exception of one unit which is currently under offer to another new retailer – double dip? Who said anything about double dip? We’ve always got money for mid-level capsule collections around these parts.

So, for all your halter necks, animal prints, gilets and golden accessories it seems like Liverpool ONE is the place to head. To be fair, it’s never really been short on animal prints and gilets. Still, it’s nice to know Hed Kandi and their stud platform sandals have chosen to march into our town. Just don’t expect SevenStreets to make with the spray tan and the faux-leather keyfobs any day soon…

Hed Kandi
South John Street (Lower)
Liverpool ONE

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