It’s not official yet, but it’s inching closer: the Churchill Flyovers’ future as an elevated wonderland of herb gardens, herbaceous borders and hot coffee is looking like it might, just might get off the ground.

So, go this Sunday and get a taster of the shape of things that may come. While we worry and fret about Heaps Mill, student flats and Liverpool Waters, it’s good to see real grass-roots action taking flight. Who knows, with a little wind under them (and a couple of million quid) we might all be walking in the air one day.

Flyover Fest, Sunday 13th, will see buskers, street food (appropriately, for once), art, crafts and workshops: have your say on the shape of things to come, and see the results, live, thanks to on-the-spot computer visualisations. Like Time Team – but of the future.

More than anything, though, this weekend is a chance for you to show your support to the amazing folk making this one of the most exciting regeneration projects in the city.

Flyover Fest
Churchill Flyover (Dale Street)
July 13 (12-5pm)

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