We were a little sniffy when Harvey Nicks opened its pop up food shop in the Liverpool ONE arcade before Christmas. We didn’t like the idea of them having a smash and grab raid, taking pennies from those who’d committed to establishing a permanent foothold in the city.

We were wrong. Seems this was just the first toe in the water, a tentative Christmas kiss before a more lasting embrace, as Harvey Nichols has confirmed it’s to open a permanent store in the city.

The new shop will be in the old Habitat store – and will be a new concept for the high end Kensington stalwart: a small format store, covering all 22,000 sq feet of the former home furnishing stores.

It’s another coup for Liverpool ONE, which has seen occupancy rates buck the national trend, and head towards 98%, and sales up 10% year on year.

The store is set to open in Autumn. So, with the return of AbFab, and Harvey Nicks’ arrival, it’s like the 90’s never went away. What did we do with our Lacroix, sweetie?

  • Robert Larkin

    i liked their little food shop because it had a lot of stuff that you can’t really get anywhere else (mostly sweets and sauces) but opening a full on store in liverpool one seems like a shit business move.

  • Sevenstreets

    not so sure. Depends what they stock. The Manc store is too big, and would never work here. But a trimmed down version might just pull it off. Key is for them to stock home-designed goodies, which they have a habit of doing. Let’s see…

  • Sevenstreets

    you wanna get in there, nook and willow!

  • Paul Dolphin

    I work on that lane, heard its gonna be cosmetics & other stuff as opposed to clothing like the other stores.

  • Herb Kim

    I never woulda predicted Liverpool One would be successful but it’s great that it is. Somehow they just got it right. Hats off to whoever was the key architect. Seem to spend more & more time there myself. If you like red wine be sure to give Lunya a try and of course the food’s darn good too 🙂

  • Paul Lancaster

    I’ve only been there once but I thought the streets looked really nice & there was a great mix of shops.

  • lilaramirez6

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  • Norma Farrell

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzO4GgQVPu4 The architect on here explaining the ideas behind it- seems to have achieved what they set out to do!

  • Clare Wilson

    Haha we will try our best x

  • Tracey Spurgin

    WOW can’t wait another reason to get to Liverpool as much as poss.

  • Paul Jones

    Let’s hope they don’t allow ‘people’ in in their pyjamas or with rollers in.

  • ToniB

    How do I apply for a job at the new store in liverpool one when it opens email me at tonib_2007@hotmail.co.uk thanks

  • Tristan Brady-Jacobs

    More shopping, more consumption, less variety and room for small independent shops elsewhere in town. When will we have enough? When we’re bankrupt…..

  • Michael Mannion

    Liverpool like Newcastle are two cities that have risen like phoenix from the flames after the disastrous Thatcher policies. Unfortunately many communities nearby both have never recovered

  • rossthechef

    @7streets will it have a restaurant do we know ate at the Manchester beach last week and it was very good and reasonable too

  • 7streets

    @rossthechef sadly not. Agree, the Manc one is something special.

  • Sarah

    Could you please tell me how to apply for vacancies when the store opens please?
    Much appreciated!

  • http://www.sevenstreets.com David Lloyd

    no idea, sorry! Try Harvey Nick’s Head Office?

  • Former Employee

    Just a quick heads up…you will need experience within luxury or designer retail before working at Harvey Nichols. I have worked for both Harvey Nichols and selfridges, alot of the staff at this store will probably be recruited from other stores, especially concessions who bring their staff over from allover the place, including abroad.