Liverpool-GinLiverpool Gin is going to be stocked in all eight Harvey Nichols stores, less than a year after the crisp botanical spirit started flowing again.

The Gin, sold in pubs and selected stores around Merseyside, has proved a real hit – its flowery, clean burst of aromatic herbs is the perfect summer cocktail base.

Mark Hensby, the managing director of the Liverpool Organic Brewery, together with distiller, and Gin evangelist, The Belvedere’s John O’Dowd, struck up a partnership last spring (as first mentioned in SevenStreets’ Almanac), and the rest is gin-soaked history.

“It is less than a year since we began production of Liverpool Gin and we are delighted to have already earned such a loyal following,” O’Dowd says.

“To be recognised by a retailer as prestigious and acutely selective as Harvey Nichols gives us even greater confidence that we are achieving our ambition to create a high quality, organic product that stands up against the finest and most established products in the market.

“We have further plans to develop both the infrastructure and reach of the business, as well as a number of new product launches later this year, and we hope this contract is the latest step in a long and fruitful journey.”

The Kirkdale-produced gin rekindles a strong Liverpool tradition – Liverpool gin was once considered up there with the best Plymouth and London Dry producers, but the spirit stopped flowing at the beginning of the 20th century.

With coriander, angelica, citrus and handpicked juniper berries, Liverpool Gin is a classy new addition to what is a booming renaissance in the drink’s popularity.

G&T’s all round, eh?

Liverpool Gin

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  1. Philip Stratford

    Tasted this at Wirral’s Farm Feast Festival, as part of the very enthusiastic presentation on Spirits of the World by a guy who works at Almost Famous. Anyway, it was the first gin I’ve ever tasted that I could happily drink neat, it’s delicious!

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