We’ve seen numerous loop-pedal-wielding instrumentalists recently, but none are quite as thrilling as Dustin Wong. The guitarist, who plays in joyous weirdo-pop gang Ponytail, recently released instrumental album ‘Infinite Love’ and heads to Liverpool this spring for a rare UK solo show.

Conjuring up stunning soundscapes and juddering swirls of melody via delay pedals and technical wizardry, Wong builds layers of guitar that ebb, flow and enthrall. Check out the video below – recorded live in Tokyo – for a hint at the kind of thing you’ll get to witness when he heads to town.

On the same evening, a couple of minutes walk away, San Francisco chaps Mi Ami return to Liverpool. Previously a dubby, scuzzy punk trio (who gave basically the entire Static Gallery tinnitus last time they played in the city), the band recently shed a member and now push a unique brand of deconstructed, spacey 80s dance music. Think Frankie Knuckles if he hung out with Public Image Ltd. We’re officially excited.

Dustin Wong (w/ Mi Ami DJs) live at Wolstenholme Creative Space,
Mi Ami live at Mello Mello
15th April
Price TBA

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