Partial nudity, the blurring of sexual boundaries, rushes of euphoria and tribal beats blended to perfection with house classics…what, exactly, is not to like? Ladies and Gentleman, apply your feathers, slap on your happy face and get ready to party. The future of clubbing is arriving in the city, and all your Christmas wishes are about to, ahem, come together.

Rob Rob Pollinate (Squared) & Shaun Bass (Neon Skullz), aka The Silky Boys, are kicking up a storm with their globe-spanning, bass crunching, dressed-up parties. They’re coming to a warehouse near you, and SevenStreets can get you in…We spoke to Shaun about what to expect.

TechnocratsHow come you two got together, then?

Well I actually used to live in Liverpool and promoted a party called Numb Skull Disco, a house mate of mine played me some of Rob’s stuff and I booked him to play our Launch party. A year or so later I put a Warehouse rave on in Hackney and booked Rob to play. It was an amazing party but all the DJs were jinxed, the decks had been robbed the CDJs didn’t work and some other DJs had a car crash on the way to the party so me and Rob ended up DJing for like 12 hours ( I think we put on a best of Prince compilation for the last two hours though).

I had been playing loads of old rave tunes, 4×4 and bassline shit then Rob came on, slowed the tempo down to 95 BPM and played a load of Cumbia, a traditional dance music from Columbia and fucking killed it, every one was slow jamming and coming up on these amazing pills that were circulating and it just went wild! Then we just started playing out together all the time and kinda crossed over our tastes to create this hybrid Ghetto-Tropical-Tribal-Ethnic-Rave sound.

Cumbia, Reggaeton, Moombahton… explain to the uninitiated what your
special brew consists of.

Well we don’t just play those styles, we love pretty much all dance music, we are just as likely to drop some B-More, Bassline, UK Garage, Disco, whatever really. But yeah it would be true to say that we are really interested in underground dance scenes and more traditional dance styles from different parts of the world, it just throws a new perspective and a different set of rhythms into the mix. We are really drawn to African and South American music, the traditional stuff has so much soul and energy but there is also a really vibrant forward thinking dance music scene on both these continents.

Cumbia and Reggaeton are based on very similar, traditional central/south American rhythms its not straight 4×4 time signatures like you’d get in electro. There’s a lot of off beats which just makes you dance in a much more fluid sexy way. Moombahton is taking over right now, we love it, its basically started when DJs did re-edits of synthy-electro Dutch House tunes where they slowed the tune down to 108 bpm and put a banging reggaeton beat on it, when music is at that speed its still funky but it becomes a lot more hypnotic and with the electro sound is still manages to retain a bit of familiarity with the more accepted sound palette of western mainstream dance music, a perfect blend.

You’re touring around the country in a crappy old van. It only plays
cassettes. And music from the 70’s and 80’s, oddly. What’s on your mix tape?

aztec nightSHAUN

ESG – You’re No Good
Talking Heads – Naive Melody
Rod Stewart – Young Turks
Visage – Fade To Grey
Bell Epoque – Miss Broadway


Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia
PIL – Rise
Steve Reich – Drumming
Captain Beefheart – Click Clack
Eddie Grant – Electric Avenue

Is dressing up an essential requirement to get into the Silky Boys universe?

Definitely! We don’t like to go to a club and stand around posing, we like to get wild and sweaty, preferably dancing around with lots of beautiful women wearing lots of glitter, makeup and soft, brightly coloured fabrics, obviously the girls like the guys to make an effort too! I think there is some primal energy that is unleashed when we do our tribal dance parties in London and people dress up. We’e really interested in art, dance performance and costume and think that they are an often overlooked element of expression and entertainment at parties outside of the Gay/Art/Fashion party scenes.

However, we often come across a lot of stuffy, snobby characters at Fashion/Art parties in London, we really want to make a stand and do something different, to do something with an element of anarchy to it where people can be creative, free and individual, not prancing about in a £300 pair of trousers.

Dressing up in ridiculous Tribal fancy dress can be so liberating and we believe it’s a major factor in creating the awesome atmosphere at our parties, people just let loose, most of them have to be sensible for 40 hours a week sat in an office or a shop or something so when it comes to the weekend we want to show them a good time!

What are you playing out right now?

Kenyatta Fire – Like a Gipsy
Million Styles – Miss Fatty
Busy Signal – Picante
LV ft Okmalumkookat – Boomslang
Bambounou – Nappy Head
Yelram Selectah – Tribalbylon
Erick Rincon – Magdalena
Mu-Gen – Turn That Shit Up (Moombahton Edit)
Sabo – Devoted Moombahton

These days, if you’re looking for a good club night, avoid the superstar DJ. Discuss…

ermmm, I don’t know how to answer this question really, there is so much amazing stuff going on in our lives at the moment and so many amazing people doing the most amazing things I don’t know where to start. All I know is that a lot of the big DJs, Producers and Clubs are not all they are cracked up to be, don’t waste your money, make your own party.

How’s Liverpool shaping up? Have we lost some of our momentum?

Last time I played in Liverpool I got in a fight and then got arrested, infact I’ve been in two fights whilst performing, both times were when I was performing in Liverpool. Not a good look, too many aggy indie kids for my liking… are the bouncers at Magnet still c…? This time we are coming to love not to war, I wanna pull some nice orange Barbie doll girl, with seven foot long hair extensions and have a dance with some old friends.

What can we expect on the launch night?

Futuristic Tribal Dance, partial nudity, the blurring of sexual boundaries, complete nudity, intense rushes of euphoria, rainbows, collective chanting, face painting, brightly coloured fabrics, flame throwers, rose petals, stage diving, balloons, Mexican waves, torrential glitter downpour, jelly babies, the worlds longest kiss, multicoloured floating mirror balls, unisex toilets, topless virgins riding unicorns… etc.

Where are we headed, nighttime wise – what’s down the tracks?

More and more shit parties, less individuality, bad drugs, CCTV, boring boys with their arms crossed nodding their heads, half the crowd outside in the smoking area, no girls on the dancefloor, £4 pints, volume limiters in every DJ booth, clubs closing at 2am, no nudity, mean bouncers, one person per toilet booth policies… time to do something different don’t you think?

Check out Pure Silk Volume One on Soundcloud

Technocrats Launch Party, 3 December
Featuring Silky Boys, DeeJay KS, Alec Tronik
Attack Scientist, Wasted Time DJs, Avant Hard
Tickets £4/ £6 door.
The Picket, Jordan Street

It’s dress-up only, kids. Theme: Future-Tropical / Neon-Tribal and there’ll be a prize for the best person or tribe in fancy dress.


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