National Wildflower Centre

Well, wild in Roby, to be geographically precise.

Usually, by this time of year, you’d have missed it. But, thanks to
a) The Icelandic Volcano
b) Climate Change
c) Thatcher

…The National Wildflower Centre predicts its annual technicolour spectacular is going to be three weeks late this year. In other words, set your eco-clock for the first week of June, and you’ll be in for a display that shows, despite the flora porn of the Southport Flower Show, nature really knows best.

And don’t worry if, like us, you don’t know your Scabious from your Snake’s head fritillary – this excellent visitor centre will bring out your inner Titchmarsh.

National Wildflower Centre, Court Hey Park, Roby. 0151 738 1913
Adults £3.50.
(Nice caff, too.)

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