The shortlist for the first GIT awards has been announced. Started this year by local music blog Getintothis, it aims to showcase the best musical offerings the city and region has to offer. The nominees run a li’l something like this:

Bang On
Ex-Easter Island Head
Forest Swords
Loved Ones
Miss Stylie
Bill Ryder-Jones
Stealing Sheep
The Tea Street Band
Esco Williams

It’s a pretty solid representation of what’s been happening here over the past few years, giving nods to the more established artists (Mugstar, Bill Ryder-Jones) and newbies (Ninetails). There’s some Mercury Prize-style genre-hopping too, with Bang On and Miss Stylie’s excellent hip hop/grime and Esco Williams’ soul music all represented.

The overall winner’s announced on 27th April (bagging themselves studio time and slots at the city’s music festivals), but stay tuned over the next couple of days for a special look at the nominees.

Source: Getintothis

4 Responses to “GIT local music awards shortlist revealed”

  1. Sir Duke

    Massssive Bore. Why? What is the point of this? Other than to big up Peter Guy’s Get Into This? Why else would he so arrogantly name the award after his little blog? And giving the winner a day in a studio is like giving the Mercury Prize winners a song writing course it’s so misjudged. Once again, we’re reducing talent down to competition, it’s like we’ve never learned from the X Factor. These people are all super talented, they don’t need your patronising little awards do. And at a time when Liverpool has never been more collaborative why pitch our artists against each other? It’s a massive own goal and I hope to God this stupid little award dies a death, and we can all get on with liking the music we like, without a panel of phone in experts telling us what’s best. Do me a favour Peter.

  2. Simon Cowell

    I completely agree. Wow, a day in a studio… for bands that all probably have recording gear, or at least an idea of who they’d want to record with. There is no difference between this and a battle of the bands competition. Only difference is that this is to celebrate a person, rather than music. Pathetic.

  3. […] Last year’s shortlist was a strong one; a cross-section of great music going on in the city. We approved of winners Loved Ones, currently holed up working on their debut album, and expected to be unleashed later in the year. Their solemn electronica-tinged pop saw off competition from the likes of Europe-conquering trio Stealing Sheep, who managed to make one of the strongest albums the city’s seen in a long while. […]

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