_64444413_59766893We’ve heard that the Little Girl Giant is coming back, and her dog. But now we can reveal that she’s coming back not with the huge diver, but her super-sized super Gran.

Organisers of July’s Memories of August 1914 have announced there will be a third giant joining the Little Girl Giant – the so-called Grandmother of Liverpool. We’ve heard she’s an Irish Granny. Of course she is.

She’s already made an appearance in her home town of Nantes, but this is her first trip abroad. And, we hear, she’s even got her own ginormous wheel chair. We guess that means she’s got a Blue Badge too? There goes all the parking spaces in town.

Granny stands at nearly 25 feet (7.4 metres) tall, 7 feet taller than her granddaughter.

The 85 year old Grandmother will arrive in the city on Wednesday 23 July. Before her walks around town, she’ll rest at St George’s Hall, and you can have a peek while she’s sleeping, on:

Wednesday 23 July
10am to 1am

Thursday 24 July
7am to 7pm

“The Grandmother brings a whole different dimension to the event,” Joe Anderson says, “and her involvement will really bring home the message of commemorating World War One – all will become clear when we reveal the story next month.”

We’ve no doubt they’ll reduce us to tears again. What are we like

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