We’re genuine WiFi parasites. We’ve sat outside McDonalds restaurants all over Europe leeching their wireless internet and we’re happy to exchange a couple of quid for a good coffee in one of Liverpool’s many excellent coffee shops in order to browse the web.

But ‘free’ WiFi is not a given in Liverpool’s transport hubs (we’re looking at you John Lennon Airport and Lime Streets), or pubs or hotels. The Radisson, for example, will charge you £12 to use theirs and it’s a similar story with many of the big names in Liverpool hotelling, with only base2stay and the Adelphi honourable exceptions of the places we’ve stayed at.

These places are missing a trick, because while they drag their heels and hoover up business account cash there’s a whole host of smaller businesses offering a spot of pleasurable WILFing while you down your caffeine shot.

And Liverpool’s museums and galleries get a pat on the back too – there’s free WiFi at all of the NML places we’ve visited recently. We know, because we’re among those annoying sorts who check their smartphone every five minutes.

We threw the question open to Liverpool on Facebook and Twitter. We wanted to map out all the areas in the city where you can find free WiFi – and we got quite a few answers.

But we think there’s more, lots more. C’mon, you’re holding out on us – share your free Liverpool WiFi tips, whether you’re a business or a punter; and feel free to name and shame those who insist that you pay the best part of a month’s home net access for a couple of hours of checking your emails.


Free WiFi in Liverpool

The Shipping Forecast


CUC cafe

Cafés at World Museum Liverpool Walker Art Gallery Museum of Liverpool and Maritime Museum


Liverpool Watersports Centre cafe

Liverpool Aquatics Centre, Wavertree

Base2stay, and 
Hotel Indigo

Outside HSBC on Lord Street / Whitechapel

All Liverpool museums


Bold Street Coffee

The Adelphi


Green Cauldron (Castle St)

Bluecoat bistro

@WeLoveCR Coffee Shop in Exchange Flags

Liverpool Cathedral

Ship & Mitre


Oomoo Cafe on Smithdown Road

Here’s a Google Map with all the above spots and a few more besides…

View Free WiFi in Liverpool in a larger map

If you’re wondering about the image it’s a SuperLambBanana called Super ‘WiFi’ lambananafon – the image is by Stuart ‘feelinglistless’ Burns via Flickr, Creative Commons

15 Responses to “Streetsourcing: Free WiFi in Liverpool”

  1. Shocking News: Lots of shops and food venues now offer free wifi. I’d never have known if not for this.

    What a pointless list. You’ve not even bothered grouping it by area.

  2. Dear Simon, congratulations on spectacularly missing the point of sourcing answers from members of the public. I’d not have thought it possible had I not seen it with my own eyes.

    Thanks for your generic keyboard warrior whinge.



  3. Robin, you should man up. Simon is right. This list is incomplete, random and totally pointless. As the comments below show. I thought sevenstreets was on a mission to inform us, not the other way around. And wouldn’t addresses help?

    And what’s next? An incomplete and unsorted list of the best litter bins in Liverpool as suggested by users?

    Asking users for suggestions is fine, but this style of presentation is utterly useless and seeks to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. This is just a lame and unimaginative attempt at cheap content generation.

  4. There’s no way of printing a complete list of free WiFi in Liverpool because that list will constantly change – it’s not a complete list because that would be virtually impossible.

    The only way to attempt to compile such a list is to source that information from people who ask themselves such questions every day – and can help provide us with answers.

    Perhaps then you can present something comprehensive; something presented on a map or by area.

    Until you have that data you can’t. This is how you get it.

    As for your suggestion about the bins – it’s the sort of needly, sarky comment like Simon’s that represents the dispiriting way in which people on the internet seem to think it’s OK to conduct any discussion – simply because they happen to disagree with something they’ve read.

  5. Firstly, I’ve got some writing to do today and need a place with wifi in town, where I can sit for an hour or two. The first thing I thought was checking this article again, and due to that I now know where I’m going. Thus I feel its not pointless, its even been quite useful for me.

    I would say however, that yes maybe the layout isn’t the best and perhaps a bit more info could be added, like links to websites. But a blanket comment declaring it a waste of time in a dismissive tone seems rather unfair.

  6. You’re doing a great job Robin! As the introduction to the article quite rightly points out, so many places in the UK still think it’s okay to charge the equivalent of a month’s internet access at home for a few hours of checking emails. Free wifi is on the increase, but it’s certainly not ubiquitous enough to make a list like this unnecessary as Simon implied. Anyone unlucky enough to find themselves stuck in one of those early-90s hotels that haven’t caught up with the 21st century of free access would be most grateful for a list like this. I look forward to seeing how you compile the information in the future!

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