We like Circo. It manages to attract a shiny crowd of fashion-types, without the insufferable attitude or, for that matter, the random violence, that other glammed-up haunts have been prone to. That might be because, like its theme, Circo doesn’t take itself too seriously. And we approve of that kinda attitude – especially as we’re in no danger of becoming fashionistas any time soon.

Circo’s fired-up Saturday night – Freak Show – returns this weekend, with all the fun of the fair, and, probably, a bit more, if you know where to look. Robbie Edwards promises ‘hedonistic house grooves’, Colin Roberts guests, and the freaks will keep you entertained. Just watch out for those industrial grinders, they sting a bit.

Freak show nights are always  busy. Get there early, or book a booth.

Circo, Albert dock, Liverpool

Tel: 0151 709 0470

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