Imagine a science-fiction blockbuster based on a Shakespeare play. In amongst all the Iraq allegories and crash-bang-wallop blockbuster drek there was a play based on The Tempest.

And not only that, it starred Leslie Nielsen. Yes, we’re talking about Forbidden Planet of course, a film that can throw the fairly ridiculous Robby The Robot, the future Lt Frank Drebin, a startling music concrete score and a monster that’s a physical manifestation of someone’s id – and create one of the best sci-fi films ever.

Made well over 50 years ago, Forbidden Planet features some stunning special effects and wonderfully modernist set and matte background designs.

It’s a stunning piece of cinema – the chance to see it on the big screen should not be ignored if you’re a fan of the genre. Or even if you’re not.

Forbidden Planet
The Box, FACT
6.30pm, Tuesday 7 February

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