If your new year’s resolution to get fit has gone down the pan (we gave up trying to get fit on January 3rd, FYI), why not try a slightly more fun form of gym? Tate Liverpool’s new Art Gym series has nothing to do with toning your calves and everything to do with toning your creativity instead. Now that’s more like it.

Art Gym’s offering everyone, regardless of age or background, the ability to create a personalised programme of skill exploration – from bookmaking to digital art, it’s a lot more enjoyable than sweating out a hangover on a treadmill. Turner Prize winning collective Assemble, who did a sterling job of Granby Street, have been called in to create the custom-built Art Gym space which will hold workshops, lectures, and classes throughout March with a series of creative bright sparks. All the satisfaction of a workout without the need for lycra or Lucozade. Perfect.

Art Gym at Tate Liverpool
7 – 31 March

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