Yes, it might sound like a Con-Dem manifesto pledge, but NewPath is a musical night far more exciting than anything coming out of Downing Street these days.

Spotlighting four bands – two local, two visiting – the night promises to show that Post Rock is alive and well, and mutating into something altogether more exciting. And not all of it is destined to soundtrack CenterParcs adverts.

Organised by Liverpool-based band MinionTV, this second NewPath event aims to offer a platform for unsigned bands, fuse its soundscapes to specifically commissioned visuals, and offer a an introductory lesson, for those who need one, to the textures and rhythms of a most misunderstood of genres.

MinionTV are an Liverpool based five-piece instrumental band, who came together in 2009 and are heavily influenced by post rock, ambient and electronic music.

They launched their first self-titled album (with glowing SevenStreets review) in April and their music has gone on to feature in a variety of TV programmes and commercials, including promotional advertisements for shows including The Mentalist and CSI. We’re guessing that the lovely Sentric Music held their hands there.

Collaborating with a number of film-makers, their music has also been used in a host of videos such as a piece of work for a Laval Virtual Awards ceremony.

Also joining the night is Leeds band We Sell Seashells, who claim to have evolved in 2008 from the bindings of CS Lewis’ science fiction manuscripts. You see, you don’t get that sort of stuff in boring old Pre Rock, do you?

The band bring a mixture of influences and tastes, from Baroque to contemporary music, with an vocals, guitars, viola, bass and drums.

Manchester three-piece The Detour will give the night an experimental pop tinge with its female vocalist and instruments ranging from guitars to the banjo and glockenspiel.
The five members of Wirral-based post-rock band A Time For Burning also promise a blistering set – they’re huge on Utah FM’s Post Rock show we hear.

Stephen Johnston, guitarist of MinionTV, who has helped organise the event said: “We’re really excited about curating our own night as we get to bring together bands that we really like all in one place and to showcase them to other people.”

Doors open at 7.30pm and admission is free. There will also be a selection of free merchandise given out on the night to celebrate the event.

NewPath, Friday 29 October
Leaf, Parliament Street

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