Today sees the final chapter in one of the city’s most colourful, erratic and confounding of artistic spaces: the lovely Wolstenholme Creative Space. Deemed structurally unsound by the receivers who were brought in to administer Frenson’s properties (after Frensons itself got into hot water last year), the building will be shutting its huge oak front door this evening. The indefatigable duo, Caroline and Priya are, understandably, disappointed but resolved to do something else (after they’ve had a well earned Christmas break).

To celebrate the building’s unique role in the city’s creative landscape over the past half decade or so, they’ll be welcoming friends past and present this evening at 5pm. We’ve seen so many ace things here – from Lucky Dragons to their recent Biennial show, we’ll miss it.

What happens to the building is unclear. It’s unlikely the receivers will spend a penny on the fine old townhouse, but rather will simply put it up for sale. Will a buyer come forward any time soon, or will it be another boarded up, empty shell? What do you think? All we know is that our city needs more places like this. Let’s hope one bubbles up soon.

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