This isn’t a political site. But occasionally, there comes a time – like when your city is hit with funding cuts of £91 million, for example – when you have to stand and be counted…

So we’re happy to reprint this press release from the Council, in its entirety. What are you doing this Sunday?

A PEOPLE’S March is being held in Liverpool on Sunday to demonstrate against the unfair government cuts being levied on the city.

will be led by Liverpool’s Lord Mayor and is being supported by community and voluntary groups and all the political parties on the city council – Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green and Liberal.

Councillor Joe Anderson, Leader of Liverpool City Council, has said he hopes hundreds of Liverpool families  will join the march and rally on Sunday (20 February) which is calling for ‘A Fair Deal for Liverpool’.

It has been organised following the Government’s decision to cut funding to Liverpool City Council by £91million this year – 22% of the Council’s budget. The council will have to find a further £50million the following year.

As part of the Government’s cuts, no other local authority has been hit harder than Liverpool. The Government have also forced the City Council to deliver the total £141million cuts over two years, giving the council just weeks notice that it had to deliver deep cuts to its services.

That march also includes community organisations from across the city, faith groups, charity and voluntary sector organisations, art and cultural groups, and public sector staff.

Cllr Joe Anderson said: ‘The Government has given Liverpool a deeply unfair cut to its funding which will hit people in every corner of this city. That’s why I’m calling on residents to join together, and to march as One City, with One Voice, and to demand A Fair Deal for Liverpool.’

‘I want people from across the city to come and join us. Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your kids – we all stand to lose out as a result of the Government’s cuts. The cuts threaten the very services that our young, the elderly and vulnerable rely on. Lets march together, and lets make them sit up and listen.’

‘This isn’t a rally being organised by one political party or one section of the community. Rather, all political parties are taking part, every community group in the city is invited, I’ve personally invited hundreds of charity and voluntary organisation as well as arts and cultural groups, to take part and I’ve written to faith groups in the city asking for their support.’

‘We’re not asking for special favours from the Government, or to be treated any differently from anyone else. All we’re asking for is fairness.’

‘All we are asking for is that the Government reduce Liverpool’s cuts from the biggest cuts in the country to the average cuts – and to give back £26million of the cuts which can help support the most vulnerable groups in the city.’

‘And we’re calling on the Government to give us four years, and not two years, to implement the cuts. This will give us longer to implement the cuts that are needed.’

‘I want Liverpool to come together on Sunday, and to speak as One City, with One Voice. We all stand to lose out in the cuts coming from the Government. We all need to stand together, and speak with one voice.’

The march starts, 1pm Sunday outside the Anglican Cathedral. See you there.

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