…and what do you need after Restaurant Week? You need to get lighter. Well, the city can help here too. After a fashion. As, next month sees the first Festival of Light dazzle the drizzly February skies, thanks to those magical people at the Liverpool Lantern Company.

Liverpool Festival Gardens is the sublime setting for this half term illuminated after-dark excursion. It’s a green space close to our hearts – and it’s been struggling for cash of late, so it’s great to see the city really engage with it.

unnamed-1Taking place over three evenings – February 18, 19, and 20 (5.30-9pm) – Luminous Landscapes aims to raise environmental issues related to landfill and recycling. Hmmmm. Well, we guess it’s better than the lit-up mugs of Coronation Street stars lining the Golden Mile. And it’s a very Liverpool thing: we need a little education with our fun, don’t we?

Visitors will roam the garden’s sinewy pathways with hand-held lanterns, experiencing a world turned upside down. Well, yeah, if you will visit a city park after dark, you’re asking for it, really, aren’t you?

At Festival Gardens “humans will change place with the insects to experience the natural world from unimaginable new perspectives,” they promise, in what will surely be a brilliant season extension for this wonderful south Liverpool attraction.

“Expect an unforgettable and thought-provoking journey where the night unfolds in astonishing ways for audiences of all ages,” says Jo Pocock, artistic director of the Lantern Company. And, based on their track record, we can’t wait.

For information on tickets, early-bird packages available, and workshop venues and times, visit www.lanterncompany.co.uk

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