Sometimes, you have to walk away from the grant-funded, big-ticket shows to really experience our culture. Actually, scratch that: mostly you have to walk away from it.

In this city, the essential stuff is always defiantly off the grid. Which is why we get a bit excited when Lost Properties set up camp in our midst.

Every night this week, from 5-7pm, Lost Properties have opened up 63 Renshaw Street for a couple of hours of performance, music, cups of tea and sympathy to warm you up on your way out of the city. They’ve started well, with last week’s audio visual shenanigans bringing members of a.P.A.t.T and Barberos together with light shows, jam sandwiches and the mighty Tea and Two Slice.

The property in question is actually an abandoned building next to the Sweetheart, and – perfectly – a former DSS office, (still complete with old fixtures and fittings). No attempt has been made to airbrush over the crumbling fabric, or the scuzzy concrete. Just as the Occupy crew set up home in the Tinlings Building, the Lost Property folk have made Renshaw Street their home: but their manifesto is somewhat more specific – bring some beauty back to our ripped up backsides. Now there’s a challenge even Anneka might run from.

This week sees the Lost Souls Listening Hour tonight, featuring the ace John Carpenter and his shimmering Escape From New York OST. Lost Story Night on Wednesday 7th, from 5-8, and the Closing Extravaganza on Thursday from 7-10pm. The night promises ‘seven surprises’ – see, we like that theme.

Temporary spaces inhabit that netherworld of sudden, magical transformations, elusive shared encounters and secret, clandestine celebrations – and Lost Properties are just the alchemists we’ve been looking for. They’re provocative, immediate, beautiful and full of surprises. And, for the briefest of apertures, they offer a glimpse into the city’s creative soul.

“Lost Properties is a project by five good friends,” they say. “It will start in Liverpool and quite possibly will never end. More than just a showcasing of our creative abilities, we hope to create an environment which is as involving as it is evolving. A welcoming place to meet, explore or get lost, which maybe might serve as a catalyst for something greater than our humble endeavours. We will occupy this space for two weeks, not wholly sure where it will lead, nonetheless we welcome you on board, come one come all. The proper tea is brewing…”

The Lost Properties HQ is open every day, from 11am-7pm.
63 Renshaw Street

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