This Friday, Emily & The Faves launch their debut album on the back of some much-lauded recent gigs, with what promises to be a celebratory show at the city’s Static Gallery.

A band whose stock seems to be perpetually on the rise, we caught up with their leader, Emily Lansley to talk recording, concept albums and erm, Rihanna…

SS – You’ve been around since 2008, now you’re releasing your debut, is it something you’re nervous about now the time’s come?

EL – I am very nervous about it; things suddenly become a bit over important in one’s mind when you’ve always played certain songs. Suddenly there is a bit of a microscope over everything, but then it’s best to think of it as done and dusted and there’s nothing you can do about it other than make a new album, which we’ll be starting this summer.

We have been around since 2008, I was writing Faves tunes while I was still in Bexy Sitch. We’ve had a few line-up changes over the years and the album took us ages but if you add all the actual days up that we actually worked on it, it’s probably about 3 weeks in total! But yes I am nervous and also a bit detached.

SS – What are your expectations for it?

I hope for us to get it properly distributed and for people to like it especially, and to do many, many gigs all over the place in this world!! We’re going to do a tour in early September so that will be fun. I’d like to find a label to release our next album so if this one goes well then that will help the next one too I hope. It’s going to be an incredible concept album filled with doom-laden mysteries.

SS – How did you find the recording process, was it a case of being raring to go?

EL – Well we spent 2 days in Highfield studios where we basically recorded nearly everything. It was very fast, unlike other aspects of the album that took longer because of other projects and work that people had to do.

Also, because it was working with me and a lot of my songs seem to be a bit awkward at times, whereas some others just flow. I found the process great and fun but sometimes it was quite arduous, especially when we had to wait weeks in-between sessions to record but we had a great time – I learned how to be patient – I hope everyone else enjoyed it too!

SS – You mention the next record – what can we expect style-wise?

EL -Well it all depends really on who we’re working with and how we approach it. I want to make more of a concept album that will still be very poppy and hopefully quite psychedelic. At the moment side A is called ‘Kaleidoscope Eclipse’ and side B is called ‘The Diamond Range’.

I am writing songs that fit in with these two places that exist within my illustration world – side A is going to be very dreamy and side B is going to be more harsh and evil – but these things are all subject to change,
I’d like to just see how it turns out. It will definitely be very melodic and deffo a change from one side to the other. I want to release this one on record this time. I have been listening to lots of music the past few years so I guess lots of different influences will come out.

SS – Who like?

EL – Bubble Puppy, Sagittarius, Captain Beefheart, Baris Manco, Wendy and Bonnie – and loads of more recent pop that I really like, like Rihanna or Britney.

SS – It’s a pretty hectic time for you then, what with juggling Emily & The Faves with your illustration work and another band, Stealing Sheep?

EL – I have found it rather difficult but I’m gradually getting to grips with it. Everything helps the other out in a way; each thing keeps the other ticking over. I am definitely letting some things slip but I’m aware of them and they are going to make a personal comeback!! I think an album that ties in the music and illustration will be exciting futuristically speaking…

SS – What E&TFs festival appearances should we be looking out for?

EL – Well, I was concentrating so much on this album that we’ll deffo be making some festivals next year. But we did manage ‘Fire in the Mountain’ in Wales, and are playing Rebellion Festival (Blackpool Winter Gardens) in August. We are awaiting confirmation on a couple of others at the mo’.

SS – What albums would you recommend right now by Liverpool (or Liverpool based) artists?

Well, I’m not really sure, Clinic’s album is good but that ain’t so recent now it’s 2011! It’s bands more than albums; El Torro I really like, The Cubical, The Long Finger Bandits, The Left Hand, It’s Murder Beams, and Stealing Sheep.

Emily and the Faves
8pm, Friday 17 June
Static Gallery, £5

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