We do – frequently. And we have the loyalty card to prove it (just two stamps away from a free scouser’s breakfast too), but it’s our sad duty to report that Brew’s cafes have closed.

Only last week we were in Brew’s St Peter’s Square outlet for a bitchy business meeting. On the face of it it was a good location, in the heart of the business district, but it never seemed especially busy.

Presumably the Bold Street outlet had more passing trade, but the forthcoming closure of Central Station for six months can’t have helped.

We’ll miss a lot of things about Brew, its tea most obviously. But the little conveyor belt timed to brew some tea to perfection and the vast range of brews available (we liked: macha; we disliked: popcorn tea) stick in the mind.

Another victim of the creeping recession? Or just circumstance? Hard to say – there’s a suggestion that outside catering business may be flourishing – but we will miss Brew. Our condolences to those who have lost their jobs. And the many more who have lot their favourite tea outlet.

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  1. Very sad news. Phil is a great guy and built up a great small business. Puschka and other cafes and restos benefited from his tea-knowledge and we stock Brew blended teas. We wish him and his staff a speedy return. Doug and Glen

  2. Tell you what I’ll miss – their green tea latte. Surprisingly delicious. Shame. Somehow, though, they might just be the big winner in the end. They’re doing well with the supply model, it seems?

  3. This really saddened me. Brew seemed like a great Liverpool brand in the making. I was hoping they’d branch out further. I know the teas are still available online, but I loved relaxing in both cafes.

    Such a shame.

  4. Cyran Dorman

    Ooops, I hope Purlesque moving the knitting group to Cuthbert’s wasn’t the straw that broke them;) Sorry to those who’ve lost their jobs, the staff were always super friendly and the carrot cake was amazing!

  5. Jo Davies

    Saddened about this… I too enjoyed their unique and quirky tees, and I know for a fact it was was a popular pick-up joint for a certain notorious ex of mine. I digress.

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