You might not pop into the World Museum too often, but amongst the array of, like, proper old historical wonders, there’s the occasional must-see exhibition. ‘Eye For Colour’, opening later in January, is a hugely popular little show, now seen by over a million people, that returns to the World Museum for its 10th anniversary. A multi-sensory, interactive exploration of colour, light, and sensory perception, it’s a foray into asking and answering just how humans – and the world – deals, and creates, the C word. Kid-friendly, there’s a bunch of hands-on stuff to investigate and play around with. Ever wondered why the sky is blue? Or how colours are actually made? Or how animals use colour to piss off other animals? (We’re not just talking about that awful beige jumper your mum bought you for Christmas). Eye for Colour has all the answers and more.

Eye For Colour
World Museum Liverpool, William Brown Street
January 22 – 4 September, free

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