How good does this look? The stage is set, Connie Lush – God bless her – is wheeled out, and the Liver Buildings are gonna be dressed up like an Aintree nail technician on Ladies Day. Oh yes, we’re in for a bit of a treat this weekend, as Reflections on the Waterfront promises three days of the stuff we do best in this city: free for all, fun family events. Yeah, we can get all Bjork-envy over Manchester, but when it comes to big, inclusive, everyone’s-invited knees ups, there’s not many cities that can touch us.

And the weather’s set to be fine, too. So book your space at the Pier Head on Friday, Saturday or Sunday night for a dazzling display of civic pride and an illuminated voyage back in time – to mark the Liver Building’s centenary, and the opening of the new Museum of Liverpool.

The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo.

It’s a stroke of creative genius to employ The Macula – the Czech Republic-based artists’ collective responsible for temporarily dressing some of the world’s most iconic buildings in rainbow-hued lights, projections and vivid narratives, bringing the hidden histories of these silent landmarks thrillingly to life.

“The main objective is to use projections tailored to the selected surface or object to shatter the viewer’s perception of perspective,” The Macula tells us. “The projector allows bending and highlighting any shape, line or space. A suggestive play of light on a physical object creates a new dimension and changes the perception of a seemingly ordinary object.”

You want to know how good they are? Check out the work they did to mark the 600th anniversary of Prague’s stunning Astronomical Clock.


The 600 Years from the macula on Vimeo.

With a lantern parade courtesy of SevenStreets favourites, the Liverpool Lantern Company, a concert by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra on Saturday, and live show by 6ix Toys on Sunday, this promises to be one of those weekends.
Reflections on the Waterfront
22-24 July, Pier Head

Pics: Ant Clausen

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