The most authentic Japanese/sushi bar this side of Osaka, Etsu’s talented chef prepares ‘designer’ sushi plates fresh each day, complemented with fish and meat dishes served with a selection of delicate and spicy traditional Japanese sauces, lunchtime Bento boxes, Japanese curries and deep fried Tofu. The Saki and Shochu drinks menu is well worth exploring, too.

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  1. Etsu's friend

    Having read your completely unfair review a couple of years ago about Etsu, it seems you have been attacking this restaurant since day one Yankunian!

    This little independent restaurant (for which are short in supply trying to compete with the chains) has developed into one of Liverpool’s favourite restaurants and over 2 years on you are still having a go at them.

    If this was such a bad restaurant then I do not believe it would still be open over 2 years later and every time I have gone it’s been pretty busy.

    I suggest you either give them another go or leave them alone!

  2. Glen Meskell

    After doing a bit of research it seems Yankunian is judging Etsu on a visit there back in 2008. Scathing review here:

    But almost everyone I know who has been there loves the place and it is a lot more authentic than your Sapporo and the Chain restaurants.

    Yankunian may have had a one off bad service night she went in 2008, but to keep banging on about it shows a little bit of bad restaurant critique!! you’d almost think she had an alternative motive to encurage people to visit elsewhere, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

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