Efterklang’s rich, inventive and nuanced pop has been the Scandinavian import of choice for a select few since 2004’s ‘Tripper’. Seems like, finally, the rest of the world is catching up. Perfect timing, then for a special UK-only gig as part of Liverpool Music Week.

We’ve got a pair of tickets to win for this Sunday’s UK-exclusive Efterklang gig at the O2 Academy… See below.

With the band’s third – and most immediate – album ‘Magic Chairs’, on constant rotation in the SevenStreets office, we spoke to lead singer, Casper Clausen, a week ahead of their hugely anticipated O2 Academy show.

The band’s done an incredible amount of touring in the last few years. How do you cope with it all?

Well we have a good time on the road and we enjoy each other’s company…most of the time! We’ve been touring continuously for about three years now so we can have our bad days but generally we enjoy it and we get to see the world and lots of places we wouldn’t normally if we weren’t doing this. It’s a great honour to have people around the world booking us for shows and being able to go there.

Do you think travelling influenced the recording of Magic Chairs?

I think it helped to feed the ideas for the album and the way we think about future projects. Magic Chairs was definitely inspired by our playing live especially because we would try out songs we had written for the album whilst we were on tour to see what the audience thought and how we could improve them. We would then go ahead and record them pretty soon after. The album and the way we think of future recordings have always come from a live source.

How do you feel your music has evolved over the years?

We’ve been around since 2001 but the Efterklang project itself kicked off around 2003 and we have definitely changed a lot in the last seven years. As the four core members of Efterklang don’t have any other projects, we throw every idea we have into the band which ultimately evolves it.

Once we properly formed the group we started playing around with recording equipment and making music. This is still how we do it; we compose music, start recording it and then edit it as we go along like a sculpture almost.

The new album is very instrumental; do you have a passion for orchestral music over stripped-back stuff?

As a band we love all types of instrumental music and we like to use a lot of different instruments when making our album. The classical range of bowed and brass have always been our favourites. We kind of see ourselves as ‘sound collectors’ using different sounds on our tracks. We usually develop the frame for the music and then everything else follows.

If your band could collaborate with any other band or musician who would it be?

That’s a difficult one! Right now, as it changes every day, I would say (Japanese electro-pioneers) Yellow Magic Orchestra. I think that would be a funny match. They’re fantastic.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Yellow Magic Orchestra! Also we’ve been playing quite a lot of music to each other recently and one band we’ve been listening to is a Canadian group called No Kicks.

What advice would you give to new acts?

Keep doing what you’re doing! I think as long as people are focusing on making good music then they are doing their best. I think with the amount of new music coming out, a lot of people feel they’re not being heard but I still believe that good music reaches good ears and at some point it will happen for them.

When we started out we created a lot of gigs ourselves. We were writing to bookers at venues all over Denmark but didn’t get much of a response so we thought we would make our own events instead and invite different artists, painters, music groups and just make a big party out of it.

It turned out that our area was crying out for something like that so we ended up having a lot of people turn up who got to experience our sound.

It’s good that there are now more and more venues, and initiatives like Liverpool Music Week that are inviting new artists to play with to support bigger acts or to showcase their talent.

Win a pair of tickets to see Efterklang (and their new CD thrown in)

To enter: Simply tell us where Efterklang hail from. Is it:

a) Denmark
b) Sweden
c) Norway

Send your answers to info@sevenstreets.com, and we’ll pick a winner by 5pm today.

Efterklang, 7th November
O2 Academy
Liverpool Music Week

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