Efterklang trioIf you don’t love Efterklang…you’re not in our gang. The elfin Danish mavericks bring their lush, high-minded electronica to town this month: showcasing a career that skates wilfully through orchestral pop to glitchy jazz and beyond.

The band’s last outing was 2012’s mournful and majestic paen to frozen frontiers: Pyramiden. And it was recorded, in part, in a cryogenically crystallised Russian mining settlement, way up in the Arctic Circle in Spitzbergen (which, co-incidentally features in this month’s SS Almanac).

The ghost town’s sense of isolation and fragile beauty is captured perfectly on the album, but it’s the film of the band’s northern exploits that stays in the mind the longest. The film captures, like never before, a band and an environment in perfect harmony – and it’s a little bit special.

…as will this one-off event. The band will introduce Pyramiden, before playing a full set, in the suitably other-worldly Kazimier. This is a must-see.

Efterklang and Pyramiden
October 27


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