Roger McGoughHere at SevenStreets we’re massive fans of podcasts and online audio archives. They make our daily commute actually bearable, so we were massively excited today when we found out Liverpool’s John Moores University had uploaded its entire Roscoe Lectures series onto its site, to download for free.

If you’re not familiar with the Roscoe Lecture series, it’s basically interesting, respected people. Talking. About anything and everything. Many of them have OBEs and MBEs after their names, and they range from instantly recognisable (Peter Sissons, Loyd Grossman and Roger McGough (pictured)) to figures in politics, literature and research. They’re all fiercely intelligent, articulate and at the absolute top of their chosen field.

Covering topics as diverse as ‘The Changing Face Of Africa’, ‘TV Brains v Cyberbrains: Which Generation Thinks Best Outside the Box?’ and various Liverpool-centric discussions, this is a fresh treasure trove of fascinating talks and well worth exploring.

Grab the .zip files over at the JMU audio download page.

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  1. Not the easiest way to get them, granted, but we doubt they had the time/budget/etc to set them all up on iTunes. They’re well worth a rummage – and, sometimes, that’s a lot more satisfying.

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