We love a good debate. We love the cut and thrust of intelligent opinion, passionate dissecting of lively topics and informed naysaying of contrary stances.

Trollls, though? We won’t be happy until every last one of them is hunted down and humanely put out of their miserable, false-named, friendless, emoji-addicted existence. Because, let’s face it, it’s the only decent way to deal with them.

So we’re intrigued to see that V-Energy is taking an altogether more compassionate stance. They’re planning to hunt down every last single-issue fixated online flamer and showering them with positive energy, in the hope of rehabilitating them into something approaching a real, likeable, rational member of the online community.

Yeah right. Have they read any of our more, ehm, fruity commentators?

The mission is to hunt down the scary places on the Internet that are full of dark energy, and to encourage trolls to see the light, to get out from under their cyber-bridge and treat them at You’ll find V trailblazing a wake of positivity throughout the internet. After all, positive energy breeds positive energy.

As a key part of the campaign, V-Energy is showcasing a dystopian version of a world in which online trolling behaviours have transcended the internet and are now wreaking havoc, in kitchens, swimming baths and subways of the world.

With her bag of V-Energy shush kitten manages to silence the trolls within the film before encouraging to join the movement to Silence the Troll at

Here, trolls are taken on an immersive journey: a step-by-step recovery programme to transform any negative troll invective into a stream of positivity (the tool took six weeks to build in Python using natural language processing and could contain the largest database of profanity known to humankind).

De-troll your life. Take a sip from the loving cup. Don’t let the bad guys win.
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  1. lol, good luck with this. There is a Kindle book about hunting down the worst kind of web trolls – RIP trolls – and they really are as sad, smelly, stupid, friendless and ultimately tragic and laughable as you would imagine. Hackers on Steroids is the book.

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