Ace local directors Shout Out The Light, who cut documentaries about independent businesses and local communities, have released their latest short: a look inside the intriguing Aintree Vinyl Records.

Vinyl’s seen a huge resurgence in recent years, with sales increasing 500 per cent year on year since 2007. Thanks to events like Record Store Day, a renewed push from record labels and general mp3 fatigue from punters, it’s helping out grassroots independent stores like Billy Keogh’s, who are seeing a whole new generation of vinyl lovers experiencing the format for the first time.

Dealing in secondhand records, the charismatic Keogh guides us around his store, detailing bits about how music’s played a part in his life, and a particularly brilliant story about a dedicated former customer who passed away. “I couldn’t think of a better job,” says Keough. “If I ever get lonely I just open the door”.

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