We’ve rather fallen out of love with long waffly reviews of late at SevenStreets. So this is something new, our maybe occasionally/sometimes weekly post serving up what we’ve just munched through. It’s one dish, one picture and one paragraph, a genuine and brief snapshot of what we’ve been served. Weather the food is great, awful or just plain uh?, it’s a review without baggage.

So let’s start be breaking one of our golden rules and stray into a second paragraph with a Shin Beef Lasagne from Salt House Bacaro. The third instalment from the Salt House team pretty much gets top marks from everyone, and this lasagne did not let the side down. Full flavoured beef with the right soft but firm texture, rich tomato sauce, creamy béchamel and soft pasta holding it all together. Shin is one of those cuts that responds well to the sort of slow, steady cooking of stews, casseroles and – in this instance – a tapas-sized lasagne.

Maybe not the most complex of dishes but so very easy to get wrong, the Bacaro chefs do nothing of the sort. Delicious, go and try it.

Salt House Bacaro
Castle Street

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