It’s not hard to do a good steak; get a good piece of meat, cook it well and serve with decently cooked accompaniments. Rookwood Bar and Cue, a new british BBQ restaurant, appears not to know this. This £22 ribeye was curiously flavourless (despite its supposed Edge and Son provenance), cooked to pink as I requested, but I was expecting more from their fabled Grillworks BBQ. They’ve made a lot of noise about the all-singing-all-dancing artisinal grill, and the dry-aged steaks – but, on this evidence, the results they’re managing to tease out of it are hugely underwhelming.

The sides were truly terrible. Thick doughy onion rings dripping with grease and soggy flavourless chips that had no hint of the supposed beef dripping they were fried in were the lacklustre accompaniment.

All this served with a passive béarnaise that lacked any punch from acid or tarragon. Not a piece of meat worth seeking out. A missed opportunity.

Rookwood Bar and Cue
Back Colquitt Street

5 Responses to “Dish of the week: Ribeye Steak at Rookwood”

  1. adam riozzi

    This article is titled ‘Dish of the week’. But basically just slates it and doesn’t really give any other insight into the restaurant. Its short and almost angry in tone…Seems a strange way to showcasing a ‘Dish of the week’.

    I haven’t been to Rookwood Bar and Cue and by looking at the menu it looks like every other restaurant at the moment, but I don’t think it deserves a slamming like this.

    I think in the future your ‘Dish of the week’ should actually be your choice of the best ‘Dish of the week’

  2. Ramsey Campbell

    It’s surely the dish of the week insofar as it’s the dish chosen for discussion this week, and I for one appreciate being told about it, especially at that price.

  3. adam riozzi

    Dish of the week usually implies its a favourite dish. That’s what I meant. But like you said I am also thankful for the heads up about this place…I don’t think i’d ever order a £22 steak anyway.

  4. The title really does imply that it’s the best dish you’ve had this week, rather than one just for discussing. But good to know nonetheless – another one to scratch off the list

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