Despite being a relative newcomer to the Liverpool scene, Discoteca Poca has made a lasting impression in its first year, carving out a well respected reputation through playing host to such musical luminaries as Serge Santiago, Maurice Fulton and Rune Lindbaek.

Now the trio behind Discoteca Poca (Mr Paul, Marie Boon and Kate Binns) are gearing up for their biggest name; welcoming Andrew Weatherall to the decks in order to celebrate their first birthday. As one of the most formidable DJs on the techno scene, Wetherall has carved out a career filled with plaudits from his contemporaries as a DJ, producer and remixer. Seeing such a legendary force in a venue as intimate as The Hold in the Shipping Forecast is bound to be an event not to be missed, so if you’ve got a spare tenner this Friday, we suggest you invest it wisely in a Discoteca Poca ticket.

We caught up for a quick chat with one of the guys behind the night, Mr Paul (left), to find out what kicked the night off, his memories from the year so far and what it means to him to have Andrew Weatherall play for the big birthday night…

What made you start Discoteca Poca?

We were really interested about how the New York disco scene all kicked off in the 70s and into the 80s with clubs like The Loft and Studio 54, as well researching and listening to Italian producer Giorgio Moroder, his early disco sounding productions and his focus on the sound he set out to achieve working in Europe and eventually heading over to the USA. Then looking at what Horse Meat Disco have achieved to date with all the new DJ/Producers mixing and making, dare I say it, ‘Nu Disco’.

Also credit has to go to visiting Naive Melody in Manchester to see Andrew Weatherall play a 5 hour set and my own experiences DJing in Liverpool’s very own colossal Chibuku over the past few years, all of these played an important part in creating Discoteca Poca.

Discoteca Poca is an intriguing title for the night, where did the idea for the name come from?

Hours of logging heads with Mike Williams, ex-Voodoo resident who I initially set the night up with. It means little disco in Italian and gives a nod to the Italo Disco movement that gained popularity in the 80’s. Our music policy is disco based and with the fact that the Hold in The Shipping Forecast is small; the little disco seemed quite fitting for what we wanted to set our stall out as.

What would you say was the ethos behind the night?

We just want to host good one room parties based on a strict music policy, where atmosphere and smiles flourish and a crowd who understand what they are listening to. Also to bring an underground disco based night to Liverpool showcasing mostly DJ’s that have never played here before.

You’ve gained quite a loyal following over the past 12 months, how would you describe the punters who attend your night?

We get a mixture of punters, we have some regulars in their 30s who come every month who are educated in the music that we have to offer. We also have a lot of cool kids who have an acute ear for grooves and we get those that are involved in the arts, photography, music, design… All in all, the atmosphere is electric and the crowd definitely feed into that.

What are your highlights from the past year? Any stand out DJ sets or stories you’d like to share?

I must say Kim Anne Foxman from Hercules and Love Affair turned out to be a real treat, she is such a darling and her music was amazing. She was only over for the weekend playing 2 venues in the UK and I am happy to say that we were one of them. Also, when Boggie from The Riotous Rockers ended their set with the Brookside opening theme tune, that was a class moment. Peoples faces said it all after a few seconds when it actually sunk into what was being played.

The thing I like the most is that when we book a DJ there is no dressing room, no place for egos. The promoters and DJ’s all eat together upstairs in the Shipping Forecast before the event starts and they drink at the bar and talk to the punters which giving a personal touch to their experience at Discoteca Poca.

Andrew Weatherall (pic – top and right) for the 1st birthday – how did that come about?

I have been a massive fan of Andrew for nearly 2 decades. I practically have everything he has ever done on vinyl plus a lot of rare hard to find recordings of his sets over the years . He is the biggest influence in my musical taste and DJ career, in my eyes the man can do no wrong he is a jewel in the crown of British musicians. I have tried to book him for a long time now, even as far back as when we were planning Discoteca Poca’s home to be the old Korova (the one that burnt down).

What are your hopes for the night itself?

Smiles and grooves with a packed floor all night long. A lot of friends and like minded lovers of Weatherall. This should be a massive night for Liverpool to remember.

And plans for the future? What can we expect to see next from Discoteca Poca?

My plans are just to keep on going in our own little way. When coming down to booking new guests, I think that Crazy P live and a DJ set would have to be at the top of my list, closely followed by Hot Toddy.

14 October, Shipping Forecast
Slater Street. Tickets £10 

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