Amanda HarringtonAfter our bile-spewing episode one recap seemed to hit a nerve – legal threats and servers breaking: just a normal day on SevenStreets – you can be sure we weren’t fans of the Liverpool-based ‘dramality’ (all the turgid lies of a reality show, with additional wooden acting).

We didn’t write about the series after that, but we kept a close eye on what our Twitter and Facebook followers were saying. The general consensus: total shit, but the shots of Liverpool looked nice.

The cast have been holding out for the E4 gods to recommission the show – tans have been topped up, talons polished, tweets sent – but alas, it looks like it’s not to be. Today there’s been reports swirling in various newspapers that it’s been axed, and that viewers “failed to warm” to characters like ice queen/MDF human Amanda Harrington. Whatever could they mean?

There’s been no official confirmation from the cast members or production team (edit: today, 28th Feb, E4 bosses confirmed it’s not coming back), but it looks like the show’s on its knees, quivering round the back of E4’s shed, waiting for the bullet. You’re all invited to our street party to celebrate.

32 Responses to “Desperate Scousewives RIP?”

  1. There needs to be a decent tv show set in Liverpool so there can be nice shots of our city complete with engaging story lines and charachters we can actually identify with….not Brookside take 2 but like a decent comedy or something….any budding scouse scriptwriters out there should get their thinking caps on!

  2. Patricia Onyia

    Out of UK while this was being aired, so can’t comment on the programme. On the other hand, I found all your articles and the comments very entertaining. Thanks 🙂

  3. Steven Tench

    I have a dream… where this bollocks programme gets taken off the air forever, where the people who are on it end up in the doll queues and where something good comes on the telly for a change so I have something worth paying a license for

  4. Rosey Malone

    STOP with the reality TV !! it’s bloody awful….then we have hours of coverage about the reality TV on other channels and then a whole of host of magazine and other media deals, we have a horrible celebrity culture.

  5. Paul Jones

    Awful programme showcasing vacuous idiots in this new sphere of ‘structured reality’, which is just college talk for ‘lying’. These people should be stripped for parts and never ever heard from again.

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