We reported this late last year and it was officially THE MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER for anyone who’s listened to, spent time with, or grew up with John Peel’s glorious taste.

Now today (1st May) the first section of John Peel’s record collection has been digitised, sorted, and put online.

It’s a huge undertaking – and one that’s set to continue right through the year – currently only the ‘A’ section of his alphabetised collection is available to view. The records themselves have been scanned, annotated and, in some cases, you can even listen to audio from them.

In addition to this, the crew at the John Peel Centre For Creative Arts have also pulled together a bunch of Peel Sessions which you can listen to on Spotify, as well as some Soundcloud clips from his shows. There’s also a really quite lovely photo gallery featuring the man himself.

It’s very much a work-in-progress at the moment, but this is a brilliant start to what’s set to be a fitting, forward-thinking tribute to a man who opened ears and changed lives.

John Peel’s Record Collection at The Space

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