Liverpool’s still woefully lacking good delis – and none as good as this deli-cum-restaurant. Always busy, Delifonseca serves up rustic stews, filling salads and daily specials such as cumberland sausage, or chicken and chorizo. Their rare Welsh black beef is divine. And you can buy a bottle of wine in the Deli and have it corked for you in the restaurant.

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  1. Ronnie de Ramper

    Fabulous place. Cannot speak too highly of it. The deli is very good; the restaurant upstairs even better. Main snag, for anyone who isn’t a mountain goat, is finding you need to clamber up and down the steep stairs from restaurant to deli and back again to get a bottle of wine with your meal. Knocks the edge off a bit, but not alot. Candace Fonseca has done a great job here with a very principled commitment to high quality produce, locally sourced where she can

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