This probably isn’t the best way to win our affection. But your letter did make us smile. Oh, and just so you know, Mark, websites usually don’t delete all their content as soon as it’s out of date. The internet is like space – or a ropey suburban version of Chekhov. It’s seemingly endless.

Dear Threesheets.

Although you still feature an out dated article about us from last August, there is no sign of the copy I sent you on December 14th 2011, then again at the beginning of the year for our forthcoming production of Snow White beginning this Thursday.

I know there’s no Tom Hardy or Jonathan Pryce appearing but one would have thought it would warrant a mention all the same.
Thanks for overlooking a local community theatre company that has been in operation for over 50 years.

Yours Disappointed,

Mark *******
Woolton Drama Group

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  1. Having your event featured in the non-PR company driven independent press is a privilege and a reward, not a right. Well done on making yourself look an ungrateful idiot, Mark. The fact that you even got a mention on a website that highlights events and those who actually produce events of real cultural capital is a real privilege, perhaps if you were a bit more progressive with your programming you’d get noticed a little more.

  2. Hardly the insult of the century! Nor particularly hilarious…And Ellis, that’s a bit harsh isn’t it? Is anyone in a position to judge which events are of real “cultural capital” (yawn sooooo 2008) and which aren’t?

    Any chance of posting where and when Snow White’s on?

  3. The jokes on Seven Streets really though, because the Woolton Drama Group website clearly states that the show will be, “guaranteed fun for the whole family.”


  4. Pavlina, the term ‘cultural capital’ might just pre-date ‘2008 Capital of Culture’ and also… mean something different, look it up. As curators of their own content Sevenstreets are in the position to judge that, if you disagree with them and you believe Snow White fits the bill why don’t you start your own website? (Unless you already have a website here:

  5. Ellis, sorry about my 2008 reference. I was trying but failing to be funny.

    This aside, I want to clarify that my comments about who is in a position to judge the worthiness of various cultural offerings were directed at you, not Seven Streets who are my principle barometer for the Liverpool culture scene. My only criticism of them here is that I didn’t feel the letter was strikingly insulting or significant enough to warrant a post. I absolutely agree with and celebrate their freedom and right to write about whatever they choose. And I do feel Mark was pushing his luck having enjoyed previous coverage from them. I would draw the line however at calling him an ungrateful idiot.

    Personally I wouldn’t choose Snow White over Stoppard but I do respect that it might fit the bill for others. Your comments about privilege and programming seem aggressively excessive and based on value judgements not everyone shares.

    Perhaps you didn’t mean to come across like this. If so, I apologise. Perhaps like me, you see the merits of a truly diverse cultural scene with room for all types of events, even am-dram panto. Community-driven theatre doesn’t always take great leaps, but it provides affordable access to the arts, important in times of recession and cuts. We don’t have to love it to value it.

  6. I totally get what you’re saying, that was my instant reaction, perhaps it doesn’t require a post and perhaps he’s not an idiot (foolish for his original email, yes), but ungrateful, i’ll stand by that. I think my comment comes from my recent anger at the fact that looking at much of the mainstream press and seeing just how little of it actually represents the goings on in Liverpool and is more of an exercise in who these publications favourite PR people are.

    My comment below was instantly defensive due to the fact that I see Sevenstreets as unobjectively curated and fair, not a collection of press-sheets from PR companies et al. It’s not my place to say what deserves to be on the site and make judgement calls on the value of any given event but Sevenstreets should be free to include or disclude happenings or events as they see fit. The fact is Sevenstreets were sent the details of the event but didn’t see it fit to grace its pages and that should be seen as entirely fair and not worthy of a snotty email. Community theatre is a great thing but it doesn’t give Mark the right to close his email with: “Thanks for overlooking a local community theatre company that has been in operation for over 50 years.”While being a community theatre group doesn’t mean it is less worthy than a Berkoff performance it doesn’t give it a God-given right to be publicised.

  7. Absolutely with you on state of press and PR relations. And also on the freedom of Sevenstreets to pick and choose whatever they want to cover. And also on the fact that Mark’s indignance is unjustified.

    And I respect your willingness to be passionate about what you feel is right and wrong.

    See you at Snow White x

  8. SevenStreets

    @Pavlina hey, maybe we were a bit silly publishing it. But we didn’t ever think he was an idiot. Just a little angry. And that amused our immature selves – especially in a week when another website accused of of being too ‘earnest’. Looks like we’re damned if we do… etc. Thanks for your passion, people. We love a bit of passion in January.

  9. @Robin Brown

    Sure, of course, I understand. As mentioned previously, this was never my issue. My response was referring to Ellis’s comments directed at Mark, not at the fact you didn’t include a write up of Snow White.

    Oh dear, hope we’re all sorted now.

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