You know David Gest? That guy who used to be married to Liza Minelli and has curiously taken Liverpool to his heart, friend of erstwhile Michael Jackson, some-time musical event impresario?

Well, he’s appearing in pantomime for nine weeks this Christmas at the Royal Court in a new production called A Nightmare on Lime Street. Yes, really.

Gest has apparently taken Liverpool as his second home in recent years, and can often be seen on Lark Lane (yes, really), so this news is perhaps not the surprise that it may have been.

But it still knocked us off balance for a good five minutes. What of the play though? Well, it’s an adaptation of Frankenstein (Gest is playing the monster) that will run for 51 performances and will include a special gala performance with the late Michael Jackson’s Mum and brother Tito, with tickets costing up to £500. Yes, really

Here’s what they have to say:

“I sang a couple of my numbers from the show on the phone last night to Dionne Warwick and Smokey Robinson and they were both shocked that I was actually in key. So was I for that matter!,” says Gest.

And here’s Tito Jackson: “David is a complete natural for a role as a monster who wants to be a Broadway star. I’m sure he’ll put all his effort into making this a huge success and, let’s face it, everyone in the UK knows he is very funny!”
The production promises ‘outlandish songs’ and naughty jokes, as we’ve come to expect from the scouseploitation canon – many of which come from the pen of Fred Lawless, who’s writing this one and knocked out three previous pantos for the Royal Court.

Head over to the Royal Court website for more details. We’ll leave you with the overview:
The show begins in Liverpool in the 1800s. Tchaikovsky’s Overture is Number 1 in the ye olde poppe chart and Dr Frankenstein is curator of antiquities at Liverpool Museum.

He is lying low for a while after the ‘misunderstanding’ in Bavaria. But that hasn’t stopped him experimenting in his quest to earn the respect of the scientific community. In between importing the most evil artefacts the world has known he has kept up his hobby of monster-making.

But his new monster (Gest) isn’t what he expected. He’s American and very polite, definitely not what you would expect from a monster. In fact he’s rather disappointed and sets about fixing him to be a proper monster. But, thanks to Egor his short-sighted assistant, a badly made egg-nog puts him to sleep for 200 years.
Fast forward to Liverpool, 2012. Being sacked for being asleep on the job was the final straw and Dr Frankenstein has vowed to get his revenge by bringing the city of Liverpool to its knees and strange things are happening in the city.

Enter Tommy Hughes – Vampire Slayer and his daughter Julie to hopefully save the day. Can they stop the invasion of the Superlambananadaleks? Can they stop the magical Liver Birds flying away?
With the help of Sister Sledge the singing Nun and 20 rocking songs, this zany comic horror caper will ‘monster mash’ your brain and have you laughing all the way to the crypt.  Bring your garlic, silver bullets and holy water and help good conquer evil in the silliest horror story ever written.  Dracula will be turning in his grave!

Yes, really. And you know what, we can’t wait. We welcome people like Gest to our city, for they can only make it all the more colourful.

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