At SevenStreets we’ve been a fan of the Kazimier ever since it appeared, like some huge mysterious beast, in the city a few years ago. At first a bizarre word-of-mouth curiosity, and now one of the city’s most favoured music venues, its rise in popularity hasn’t nulled its passion for unique, out-there arts and culture.

Last week it was announced they’re launching their own record label – Kazimier Records – and they’ve pulled together a great roster of acts to kick things off.

Anyone who’s been to one of their irregular theme nights at the venue will know the score by now: house bands Dogshow, Simon Knighton, The Kazimier Mobile Krunk Band and Sing For Your Supper all mash together weird world music, dance, and traditional folk in thrilling fashion.

For some venues starting its own record label might feel like one step too far, but for the Kazimier it feels like a natural next move. Esoteric and furiously fun, their vision extends perfectly to an imprint. See for yourself when everyone comes together for a no-doubt-euphoric launch party on 4th February.

Kazimier Records Launch
4th February, 8pm, £4
The Kazimier, Wolstenholme Sq, Liverpool

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