You can’t really move for festivals in Liverpool at the moment; what with the Biennial, DadaFest and Homotopia coming up or already underway.

SevenStreets was at the Bluecoat for the DaDa Fest press launch – the festival of deaf and disability arts that runs for two weeks from mid-November – this week, and there’s a phenomenal breadth and depth to the planned events.

Artistic Director Garry Robson has assembled a diverse range of talents across a number of disciplines at several of Liverpool’s venues.

But all of that’s to come. On the day there was also a celebration of ten years of DaDaFest, with a personalised cake to mark the occasion.

SevenStreets had to be somewhere else before the cake got passed around; but here’s a snap of it, something to whet the appetite until the festival kicks off.

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