We’ve all been to sloppy, slurry karaoke nights. Those types of nights where you’re convinced knocking back multiple shots and belting out ‘I Will Always Love You’ is a good thing for the world to experience. Hint: it never, ever is.

Theatre group What We Did Next are holding a singalong event with a difference this week. For one, they’re doing away with a karaoke machine and have an actual, real-life pianist to accompany you. Brilliant. Second – and most importantly – your song choices can only be from musicals. Even brillianterer.

On the whole, songs lifted from musical theatre aren’t the type of thing you can get away with at normal open mic or karaoke events. Nobody wants to hear you wail through an 8 minute epic from Les Miserables on your staff night out. Nobody. So this sacred sanctum of open mic musical theatre, in the cosy confines of the View Two, sounds like the most fun way you could spend a Friday night. Put us down for something from West Side Story, yeah?

Anything Goes… A Musical Theatre Open Mic Night!
View Two Gallery, Mathew St
3rd February
7-11pm, £4

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