We’ve just spent a fascinating Sunday morning reading the latest issue of Corridor 8, the contemporary and visual arts journal, stuffed full of meaty reviews, long form journalism and measured and engaging pieces spotlighting contemporary art, artists, writers and thinkers.

This issue – The Borderlands – focusses in on the ‘remote’, the ‘other’ and the boundary between the known and unknown. The issue features a CD from ex Cabaret Votaire sound artist, Chris Watson (is there any other sound artist in the UK? Watson seems to pop up everywhere these days), and an interview tracing his sonic past, present and future exploits.

The Birds of Iceland, Snæbjönsdotóttir/Wilson

There are interviews, photo essays, new fiction, and critical pieces assessing some of the most exciting work coming out of, or inspired by ‘the North’, although, true to its theme, this issue of Corridor 8 treks to the northern coast of Scotland, the icy fringes of Antarctica and the frigid seas of Murmansk – a panoramic approach that’s part psychogeography, part celebration of art’s outer limits. Editor, Roger McKinley dedicates this collection to Malcolm McLaren, and to ‘the quest of the extraordinary’. If you’re headed that way, Corridor8 is a decent satnav.

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