Ah, the 80s. Silver jumpsuits, Thatcher, Roland Rat, Johnnie Ball, er…

OK, so the 80s had more than one of those tawdry list shows would have us believe, but the recurring tropes are bad fashion and ironically enjoyed music (not us though, we genuinely like all that stuff).

Luckily, however, Club Geek Chic, organisers of some of Liverpool’s most extraordinary parties, are here to save the 80s from cheap nostalgia.

Coming up from Gemma Aldcroft and Karen Podesta is an 80s extravaganza is the latest installation of the city’s most exclusive club night at yet another unlikely venue, the Liner Hotel on Lord Nelson Street.

The pair have previously staged events as wide-raning as a Bond night at FACT, a night with Peter Serafinowicz and a Halloween celebration of greed in the 8th Floor Boardroom of the Martin’s Bank, so it’s safe to assume it won’t all be Club Tropicana on the jukebox and discounted cheeky Vimtos.

“There’s plenty of opportunity for music, dance and satirical comedy,” says Podesta of the upcoming night.

“Plus our MC makes a very versatile game show host so audience participation is definitely on the cards!”

What’s more, the pair have some very exciting news about another Liverpool luminary they’ll be in conversation with soon. Stay tuned.

On the night in question expect Club Geek Chic’s own dance troupe Hot Chrome, electro-pop duo Stereo Electric Mistress and DJ Che Burnley – plus a promised 80s treat to round off the night.

Oh, and dress nice eh?

Club Geek Chic>
Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson Street
8.30pm – 1am, Saturday 19 November

To book tickets and for more information email info@clubgeekchic.co.uk or call 07775 567192

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  1. Looks very interesting. Nice to see someone doing something different. Although I think they DEFINITELY should have approached Rumours, Liverpool-born Guinness Book of Records-confirmed smallest 80s club in the world!

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