If you’re of a certain age you probably spent many a night in the sweaty confines of the 051, brushing up against a procession of gurning blokes from Widnes doing embarrassing dance moves. As a clubbing institution was never as well respected or cool as something like Cream, but definitely served a purpose within the city’s dance music community.

The venue’s now reopening, under the new title 1 Mount Pleasant (a bang-up-to-date Club 0151 doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?). Tonight (16th December) they’re hosting a relaunch party featuring the none-more-051 local house stars Ultrabeat and Lee Butler.

Intriguingly, and probably sensibly nowadays, it’s not opening as a full-time club and seems to be more of a multi purpose venue-for-hire: they’ve got the Drifters and, er, cage fighting lined up in the near future. The Kazimier it ain’t. But it does seem to be going for the type of event you’d need to travel to The Olympia in West Derby to see: a mixture of crowd-friendly retro concerts, private hire outs and independent sporting events.

The new 1 Mount Pleasant has been opened by John Lynch and his team, who re-opened Eric’s this autumn. It’ll certainly be intriguing to see how this particular space is used through 2012.

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